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  Qingzhou ding xin new energy co., LTD,Cooked by Liu Zhenghai during a army in northwest initiative,Its blindly,Get all officers and soldiers in the army and the chief's consistent high praise,Due to the need of work,2003Years of hardwork to qingzhou,Have been fighting in the food industry,After years of careful study、Production、Sales、Identification of the masses。

  Main features with five flavors、A spicy taste、Barbecue flavor、Boshan ship skim maotai-flavor bath chap taste is given priority to,This product without any preservatives and additives,No fragrance、Pigment,Pure Chinese herbal medicine seasoning production,The traditions lurou method,In line with let consumer eat to meat fresh,Nutrition and health,The palate is moderate,Braised food cooked food aroma pure beauty。

Qingzhou ding xin new energy co., LTD,Specialize in Pasta seriesRoadshow experienceThe dining car seriesPickled seriesOther series And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:18765660088

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